Consolidated Troop Medical Clinic - Fort Leonard Wood, MO

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Medical construction
Healthcare interior design
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We're healthcare architects and medical construction experts. And we've built it all. We know needs change. As your healthcare facility grows, you must consider the changing needs of your patients and staff. We build to meet those needs. The Consolidated Troop Medical Clinic at Fort Leonard Wood, MO shows it.

This medical clinic construction project is a 10,229-square-foot addition to an existing medical facility at Fort Leonard Wood, MO. The Design-Build project also includes a 3,100-square-foot remodel of the interior space. To keep a unified look, the exterior of the addition uses the same architectural style and scale as the existing building. High windows add character to the outside and provide daylight to enhance the quality of the inside.

The addition's central corridors connect with the existing facility's corridors, providing convenient access to the addition's exam rooms. Renovated Physical Therapy areas in both the existing building and the addition use durable interior finishes. These finishes create an inviting medial treatment environment and are strong enough to withstand the high volume of patients who will be treated at this clinic.

This building is USGBC LEED Certified Gold and is one of the most energy-efficient medical clinics in the U.S.

USGBC Certification: 
LEED Certified Gold
13,300 square feet

USGBC LEED Certified Gold

Fort Leonard Wood, MO