Hershey Midwest Distribution Center

Adding to its impressive resume of million square foot plus warehouses, The Korte Company was awarded the state-of-the-art 1.1 million sq. ft. Hershey Foods Midwestern Distribution Center at the Gateway Commerce Center in Edwardsville, Illinois. The structure included warehouse space and a two-story insulated tilt-up concrete office wing.

The Korte Design Team was challenged to provide a climate-controlled, durable warehouse environment for the nearly one billion dollars worth of chocolate that would be shipped, stored, and received at the structure in any one day. The constant 60 degree temperature that chocolate requires was ensured by an integrated system of tilt-up concrete, insulated metal panel construction, and 18 rooftop HVAC units. Also included is an independent fire protection and emergency system providing back-up power and two separate 250,000 gallon water tanks. To allow for constant high-speed forklift traffic, expansion joints were eliminated in loading zones with the use of Type K concrete. Specialized concrete was also used throughout the warehouse to handle the immense rack loads Hershey required.

1,087,000 square feet
Edwardsville, IL