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You can’t take any chances with acute care, especially with the design and construction of your healthcare facilities.

Partner with reputable healthcare construction providers who’ve delivered thousands of successful building projects on time and within budget. Top leaders in the healthcare industry trust us to create life-saving spaces. We’re an award-winning Progressive Design & Construction Company that’s ranked as an ENR Top Contractor since 1996.

Since our founding in 1958, The Korte Company has grown to include five offices across the nation, so you’ll get that local touch across the U.S. The Korte Company is a great place to work with and for, no matter where you’re located. Glassdoor reviewers scored us at 4.7 out of a possible 5 points for workplace quality. We also score highly on:

Google: 4.5
Apple: 4.3
Visa: 4.3
Pfizer: 4.2
Medtronic: 4.1
McCarthy: 4.3
Turner: 4.2
Kaiser: 3.7

Montezuma Creek Community Health Center

Fractured construction projects break the budget

Healthcare leaders are committed to providing the highest quality of care. Don’t sacrifice your standards by contracting separate design and construction companies for your acute care facility. It causes coordination, communication and collaboration issues. You’re more likely to deal with supply chain constraints, as well as design and estimate errors. And that leads to problems with your overall budget, schedule and scope.

Construction projects are some of the most expensive investments healthcare leaders will make in their careers. These projects demand careful supervision to prevent budget bloat. Roughly 85% of projects overspend — by an average of 28%. And only 31% of projects come within even 10% of budget. That’s a big bite out of your bottom line.

And time is money, too. Large or complex projects often take 20% longer to complete than planned when you’re working with separate design and construction companies. Just 25% of projects get wrapped within 10% of their original deadlines.

VA Outpatient Clinic – Lakeland, FL

Design and budget fidelity with Design-Build experts

Work with Design-Build experts to secure optimal execution, from developing designs to applying that last coat of paint. You’ll get the highest quality facility for your patients, down to the smallest detail. And you won’t waste an hour or dollar to get it.

Improve your project coordination through advanced project delivery methods and technology like building information modeling (BIM). In a first-of-its-kind offer for the healthcare industry, The Korte Company blends the advantages of top project delivery models including construction manager at risk (CMAR), Design-Build (DB) and integrated project delivery (IPD) into one enhanced system.

The system offers advantages like:

  • High value with significantly lower project costs
  • Simple single entity contracts with one point of accountability and reduced litigation risks
  • Streamlined, highly collaborative and coordinated project delivery
  • Superior project speed with enhanced fast tracking, as required
  • Enhanced owner controls for timely decisions
  • 7D BIM across the entire project to drive design and construction collaboration, innovation and quality control
  • No change order costs except those initiated by the owner
  • Pragmatic approach to green, lean and sustainable construction methods
  • Outstanding service providers and subcontractors who are local whenever qualified

Anderson Hospital – Ambulatory Surgery Center and Pediatric Clinic

The Korte Company’s second opinion process

Give us your existing drawings, pricing, schedules and any other project information. If we agree on the plans, we’ll apply our Hybrid Design and Construction model to create a proposal. It will include an alternative detailed schematic design with detailed specifications, a schedule and a Guaranteed Lump Sum Price proposal.

All that at no cost or commitment from the owner. This process usually only takes two or three weeks. We leverage all the prior A&E firm’s work, so you don’t waste anything you’ve already paid for.

All second opinion actions occur in parallel with existing schedules to avoid delays. If you think our detailed proposal fits the bill, we’ll work through design development to add additional details, at no extra cost or commitment. The Korte Company will assume full control of the project after ownership signs off. And we often adhere to the original schedule using our fast-track construction capabilities.

But if you decide to stay with their existing team, there’s no cost, commitment or delays. At the very least, you’ll walk away with some good ideas and price estimates.

VA Outpatient Clinic – Ventura, CA

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Consult with our national healthcare director

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