Since 1958, when Ralph Korte founded a fledgling construction firm with little more than three people, a truck and a saw, we’ ve poured countless hours of hard work into more than 3, 000 projects across 42 states and counting. We’ ve proudly put the Korte name on each project, meeting every challenge along the way to deliver Korte-built quality and get the job done — on-budget and on-time. Every. Single. Time.

Through the years, every challenge has given us an opportunity to learn, and every job has taught us something new. We’ ve continuously honed the way we work, adopted better technologies and picked up smarter methods. Today, we have one of the most efficient and unique design and construction processes in the industry. We save you time, money and headaches while maximizing every available resource to deliver an exceptional facility.

Pre-construction and key assessments

At The Korte Company, we start with our most powerful tool: a good set of ears.

We take the time to listen to you and seek a full understanding of your organization, its needs, goals and facility priorities. In this step, we speak with your key leadership and interview salient staff members, such as facility managers, to catalog the operational functions your building must serve, the everyday hazards it must withstand and the way you, your team, suppliers and those you serve interact with it.

We progress with business and financial assessments to ensure your construction program aligns with business goals. These assessments even help bring clarity to your construction financing needs. Whether you’ re making $100, 000 of renovations or building $100 million of new construction, having a solid plan for your project and how it grows your business will help you obtain financing. To help you through this common challenge, we’ ve also published a detailed guide on construction finance.

The owner's guide to construction finance

In addition to our business and financial assessments, we conduct thorough site assessments, surveys, architectural, mechanical and electrical system assessments and extensive project research. Our team reviews your pertinent strategic planning documents, evaluates existing facility and campus master plans and examines how you use your current facility to get a sense for your most pressing facility challenges. We gather all the key information to help you define project parameters, prioritize facility goals and advise you on best-value solutions. In other words, we set the stage for a smarter strategic design.

Programming and design

Modern architectural design is much more than an exercise in the latest artistic trends. It’ s a unique blend of strategy, problem solving, corporate vision and the nuances of your aesthetic. Today’ s projects have greater complexity than ever. They demand better designs — smarter designs that enhance the functionality of your facility and put construction projects on course for success while saving you time and money.


To meet these increasingly complex design challenges, we employ a collaborative, team-based approach that sparks innovation in the design process —   the Design-Build method. In this approach, which we use in more than 90 percent of our jobs, we take single-source responsibility for all design and construction aspects of a project. From the start, we bring together a hand-selected team that has expertise on all project aspects and can advise on cost, schedule, constructability, sustainability and more during the design process. The result is a smarter design that reduces cost, schedule and uncertainty in construction while building value engineering and innovative, best-value solutions into the design.

To help you get the most from Design-Build, we’ ve published a to-the-point Design-Build buyer’ s guide that covers the method’ s benefits and how to efficiently procure Design-Build services.

Design-build buyers guide

To maximize the collaborative innovation afforded by Design-Build, we’ ve adopted cutting-edge technology and design practices.

5D Macro BIM

Traditionally, early-stage designs have been little more than napkin sketches, but we’ re transforming that. Using  5D Macro Building Information Modeling, we create models of your facility at the earliest stages of design and present them with  realistic  estimates for cost and schedule. We can actually sit down with you and instantly show nearly any look you like. You can watch the model change right before your eyes and see how different design directions affect the price and schedule of your project. The process sparks creative and collaborative problem solving and decision-making.

Smart facility and floor plans

Building on the findings of our assessments, interviews and early-stage models, we create facility master plans and functional layouts. Rooted in a data-oriented approach, performance-based design and insights uncovered in our research, these plans provide strategic space allocation that supports your operations and enhances your efficiencies. In other words, they’ re accurate, align building layouts with your goals and ensure your facility works for you.

Detailed schematics modeling and clash detection

As design progresses, we create detailed 3D schematic models of your facility. Instead of the construction delays and architect-contractor coordination issues caused by traditionally ambiguous designs, our models eliminate guesswork, delays and cost overruns during construction. We also integrate clash detection technology into models, allowing us to lay out the many complex systems that go into your building. Traditionally, clashes in the use of space have been unforeseen until they’ ve become expensive problems on the job site. Maximizing the Design-Build process, we integrate clash detection with input from specialty contractors and design consultants to identify and prevent space allocation issues before they arise.

Planning for expansion and adaptibility

If you’ re growing, your facility should be able to grow with you. While not every building will be expanded, most are adapted. We incorporate principles of modular design to create adaptable built environments that can meet changing needs. And as a core part of our process, we help you plan for long-term growth by finding value-added solutions that reduce both up-front costs and future expansion costs. In fact, many owners ask us to deliver expansions that we’ ve helped them strategically plan — just one reason why more than 84 percent of our business is repeat business. To show you some of the smartest approaches to expansion, we’ ve published a case study featuring Anderson Hospital’ s 30-plus-year building program, which we’ ve helped plan and deliver.

The construction program of anderson

Benefits of our design approach

Our design approach maximizes emerging technologies and process innovations. We minimize uncertainty, reduce change orders and avoid the delays and cost overruns present in so many projects. The results are exceptional facilities, smooth projects and fast-track schedules — all at a great value. But the biggest benefit may be how we align your project to your strategic goals so your facility supports your operations and helps grow your business. To capture the maximum benefits of a strategic design, you’ ll want to take several key steps as you start your project. To help you do just that, we’ ve highlighted these in a to-the-point white paper on strategic architectural design.

Strategic architectural design guide

Sustainability and energy efficiency

Whether you want your building to be a lasting embodiment of a sustainable corporate vision, minimize carbon footprint or simply save money with energy efficiency, we’ ll develop the most efficient plan to reach your goals. How? By integrating green construction and energy-efficiency analysis directly into the earliest design discussions.

Our sustainability experts assist you in defining key green priorities and developing specific parameters to clearly measure the value and success of sustainability in your project. We examine your site for available natural resources, identify the sustainable solutions that will afford you maximum ROI and design your building accordingly. The result is a facility built with lasting energy and operational efficiencies, a well-served budget and a sustainable vision realized.   While not one of our services, we recommend also commissioning a full  life cycle cost analysis  (LCCA), which is the formal process of calculating ROI from building investments. The LCCA provides cost and payback projections for a building investment over its full useful life cycle.

To learn how to maximize energy-efficiency savings, see our green construction white paper.

Green construction how to maximize your ROI

Smart project planning

Have a fast-track schedule, tight budget or uniquely challenging project? We make efficient work of the toughest jobs with smart project planning. Our crews can meet the most aggressive timelines, often completing fast-track projects weeks or months ahead of schedule. How? For one, our Design-Build approach allows us to overlap job-site preparations and the early stages of construction with the latter stages of design. We strategically nest project elements to fast-track delivery and eliminate a time-consuming second bid stage.

Since we also have leaders of the construction team and specialty contractors weigh in on the design, we proactively identify and avert hold-ups that cause delays in other projects. This team expertise also allows us to proactively address procurement and permitting challenges. In some cases, we’ ll order specialty materials many months in advance and begin acquiring all necessary building permits during the earliest stages of design.


By the time we take out the hammers, drive the nails and steer the cranes, we’ re already working on the solid foundation of a smart design and best-value solutions. Through the years, we’ ve developed proven methods to ensure the design vision comes to fruition with a safe, efficient, cost-effective building program.

First, we set the stage with thorough job-site preparation and effective management. Every major project has a dedicated superintendent, an experienced crew and a clean job site. Throughout construction, we keep you in the loop with weekly reports, and we use a dedicated approach to safety, with one of the  most robust safety programs in the industry  and a  strong safety record to match. Our tight job-site management has allowed us to meet even the most extreme quality control standards, as we’ ve delivered more than 500 projects for our military, including some of the most demanding  hangar construction projects.

And our smart project delivery doesn’ t stop there. Across more than 3, 000 projects, we’ ve mastered the delivery of value-added construction solutions that streamline projects and create efficient, durable and exceptional built environments. Just some of these solutions include the use of  Tilt-Up concrete construction, an extremely challenging technique to execute that saves time and money when done right; prefabrication, which allows much of a construction project to be completed off-site in a safer and more cost-effective way; and durable roofing solutions, such as EPDM and standing seam metal roofs.

We’ re constantly finding ways to improve our construction process and deliver a job well done.

Post-construction and continuing support

The job isn’ t done when we cut the ribbons. No, it requires a proper handoff too. We provide you everything you need to operate and maintain your facility, including final, as-built drawings, detailed operations manuals and an in-depth training on the proper and safe use of your building. We also assist you with all key documentation, including:

  • Facility accreditation papers
  • Legal documents
  • Licenses
  • Surveys
  • Master Life and Safety documentation
  • Usable square footage records
  • And other government compliance documents

And we don’ t just walk away after driving the last nail. We follow up with an 11-month checkup to ensure all systems still run smoothly. More often than not, when we complete our work, owners have little to no issues, as we have some of the lowest callback numbers in the industry. But if issues arise, we stand behind our work. While all buildings have many unique pieces, each with their own set of warranties, if it’ s something we can fix, we’ ll be there. If it’ s something that means working with our subcontractors or outside engineers, we’ ll make sure it gets done.

Even more important, our support doesn’ t change when someone retires or we have turnover. We hire the best people. We train them to deliver quality. We treat you as our lasting partner. And we maintain an uncompromising commitment to quality, to get the job done.

The results speak for themselves

Our unique process works. From Fortune 1, 000 producers and distributors to NASA, the Department of Defense, Universal Studios, cornerstone hospitals and small businesses, it’ s created  smiling clients  from coast to coast.

One example of smart project planning and strong execution is the renovation of Mooresville High School in Indiana. We helped the Mooresville School District save $60 million by delivering what was seen as an impossible renovation.

Case Study: Mooresville High School

For a more extensive look at our work,   browse our project portfolio.

Put our process to work for you

A job well done, a budget met, a schedule streamlined and an owner satisfied — it’ s why we continuously hone our process. And we’ d be honored to put our process to work for you. If you have any construction questions, fill out the form below or call us at 618-654-8611.

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Building smarter, better and faster: the Korte process