Sign up for a facility assessment or get a second opinion on your build

In a facility assessment, we provide information to help you improve your existing structure. Through our second opinion service, we help resolve concerns about design, construction and cost in your current building program.

Facility assessment service

Structures built even a short time ago can be improved. We help you improve the efficiency of your facility and building plans. And we ensure that when you invest in construction, you meet your business goals. You get:

  • A free consultation on your facility’s future
  • Cap and trade consideration
  • Scalability and a plan to meet business goals

A second opinion from The Korte Company

We help you get the best value for your build. And our analysis doesn’t disrupt current efforts, so there’s no risk of delay to your building program. We review:

  • Current financial position of the project
  • How well current design meets present and future needs
  • Efficiency of your building and building program
  • Life Cycle Cost Analysis (LCCA) and Sustainable Return on Investment (SROI)
  • The cost vs. benefit of different building features
  • Proposed design and construction schedule
  • Quality and safety policies and procedures

Following our analysis, we either validate your approach or provide an alternate solution that gives you better value. In our alternate solution, we provide:

  • Value engineering to reduce change orders and costs
  • Detailed schematic drawings of our proposed solutions
  • LCCA and SROI
  • Detailed project schedule to meet anticipated delivery date
  • Guaranteed lump-sum price for design and construction

In most cases, we can develop a more cost-effective, best-value solution to design and build a facility.