A few basics of the hospital floor plan

When a new medical construction project is started, the hospital floor plan is one of the most important parts of the design. The facility’s specific functions, useable spaces and room sizes must be considered first in order to meet the needs of the patients and staff. A well-designed hospital floor plan will provide many benefits to a healthcare facility, including optimal accommodation of patients, families and staff.

Hospital floor plan design guidelines

No design formula is perfect for every hospital floor plan, but there are guidelines that are commonly used. Here are some of the many different factors that should be considered when determining the type of floor plan that will work for each medical facility:

  • Overall size and footprint of the medical facility
  • Configuration and size of construction site
  • Patient safety and security
  • Medical services offered at facility
  • Size of staff that will be active at the facility, as well as projected patient numbers
  • “Look and feel” calculated by an interiors team

The role service units play in hospital floor plan design

When designing a hospital floor plan, it’s very important to plot the different service units of the facility. Traditional design typically centralizes the diagnostic and treatment units to make them more accessible. The other units, such as a pharmacy, records and outpatient areas, typically occupy the perimeter created. Non-traditional design can take numerous other approaches – all of which would be determined by the goals of the facility itself.

Hospital floor plan

Hospital floor plan and how it relates to flow

As is the case with every building, the hospital floor plan must facilitate efficient patterns of traffic in and between zones.

Hospitals need to adhere to this practice because patients rely on their caregivers. A long or complicated commute from one end of the facility to the other due to inefficient design can result in a very stressful environment – something that simply can’t be afforded in successful medical facilities.


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