OUR CORE VALUES We believe that if you’re not building something you believe in, you’re just punching the clock. For us, ideals like respect and commitment are just as important as the concrete and steel that shape our life’s work. Passion is our legacy. It’s the part of us that stays behind – a promise of a job well done. BUILDING SAFE Maintaining a safe environment for our clients and their patients is crucial. Infection Control Procedures and Interim Safety Measures ensure patients, doctors and staff are protected throughout all phases of the project. The people we work with are our family, and it’s our job to protect them and make sure they make it home safely to their families – every single day. We take that very seriously. Our safety record speaks for itself. Our dedicated safety specialists include Site Safety and Health Officers (SSHO) personnel, and Safety Trained Supervisors (STS) who maintain a safe working environment throughout the entire project.