Bowling Center – Fort Hood, TX

Our Design-Build team has extensive experience in architecture, interior design, project management, building engineering and construction. We can deliver a wide range of facilities and have built hundreds of structures nationwide. This is some of our finest bowling alley construction work.

We designed and constructed the state-of-the-art Fort Hood Bowling Center with a common center concourse and 48 lanes of back-to-back bowling. This functional layout provides bowlers with convenient access to all needed amenities, including restrooms, a snack bar, a food court, a service counter, a pro shop and a bar. We designed the service counter as the control center of the entire facility. It’s positioned to manage all 48 bowling lanes, allow direct viewing of the pro shop, provide visual control of the food court and provide support to the snack bar when needed.

The settee area provides six seats for bowlers and one tall divider table for standing use. The floor of the settee area is flush with the concourse floor and the bowling lanes to provide a barrier-free design throughout the public area of the facility. The bowling center theme is “Xtreme Bowling” and includes colorful ceiling-hung vertical banners, bright lights, fluorescent, glow-in-the-dark bowling pins, bowling balls, masking panels and fog machines.

This creates a new and exciting bowling atmosphere for people of all ages to enjoy. The 38,850-square foot facility also includes a game room, a lounge and a childcare area. We built the facility to accommodate a potential future expansion of 12 additional bowling lanes.