Highland High School Addition

At The Korte Company, we build smart. Persistent, lifelong education and thought leadership are core to our construction work. And we believe strong schools are core to our future.

The Korte Company served as the construction manager for the addition and renovations to Highland High School as well as life safety updates for the entire Highland school district. The 37,650 square foot addition provided 24 classrooms, with seven new science labs, a large art room, computer rooms and support areas for physical education.

The biggest challenge of the project was the renovation. Large sections of the building were completely removed to make room for a new floor plan. A design that made it easier for students to move from class to class. The work also included changing nearly all of the floor coverings.

And we completed the project with minimal disruption to the operations of the school, allowing students to learn even while construction took place. Highland High School and The Korte Company kept student safety and education at the highest priority throughout the entirety of the project.