Sacred Heart Catholic Church

At The Korte Company, we’re seasoned as a church builder. Our architects have delivered church building design, and our builders have delivered church construction projects across the U.S. We’re always humbled to build for religious communities, and this project for Sacred Heart Catholic Church is one of many centers of worship we’ve completed.

The Diocese of Las Vegas selected The Korte Company to construct the new Sacred Heart Catholic Church in the city of Ely, Nevada. The 11,000-square-foot facility provides the growing parish with a new place of worship. The 45 foot bell tower houses the original bell from the previous church. At the front of the sanctuary, we built an elevated altar area and an 8,000 pound marble altar that sits in front of an exquisite, custom-made mosaic created in Italy and installed by Italian craftsmen.

We constructed an under-slab duct system and heat pumps that tie into city water in order to account for the city’s harsh winter climate. Those systems were designed to provide efficiency and save the parish on utility costs.

This was a truly build smart construction project that required excellent team communication and provided the church with an efficient, aesthetically pleasing facility.