Hershey Midwest Distribution Center

Hershey Midwest Distribution Center construction
Hershey Midwest Distribution Center construction - site development
Hershey Midwest Distribution Center construction - aerial view

We've delivered more than 2,000 projects throughout the U.S. and constructed more than 19 million square feet of warehouse space, but this stands out as one of our signature builds.

Adding to the many million-plus-square-foot warehouses we've built, we were awarded the contract to deliver this state-of-the-art, 1.1 million-square-foot Hershey Foods Midwestern Distribution Center. Located at the Gateway Commerce Center in Edwardsville, Illinois, the structure includes warehouse space and a two-story, insulated, Tilt-Up concrete office wing.

This project required the full-scale knowledge and experience of our Design-Build team.

The Korte Design Team was asked to provide a climate-controlled, durable warehouse environment for the nearly one billion dollars worth of chocolate that would be shipped, stored, and received at the structure in any one day. We ensured the constant 60-degree temperature and 50 percent relative humidity that chocolate requires by using an integrated system of Tilt-Up concrete, insulated metal panel construction, and 18 rooftop HVAC units.

Our team also included an independent fire protection and emergency system providing backup power and two separate, 250,000-gallon water tanks. To allow for constant, high-speed forklift traffic, we eliminated expansion joints in loading zones by using Type K concrete. Throughout the warehouse, we put specialized concrete to use in order to handle the immense rack loads Hershey required.

Through this construction project, we helped Hershey efficiently and cost-effectively ship chocolate throughout the entire Midwest region. We can help you improve your efficiency and operation too. Learn more about warehouse construction at The Korte Company.

1,087,000 square feet
Edwardsville, IL
Hershey Midwest Distribution Center