The Diversified Operations Group is a division of The Korte Company specializing in small- to medium-sized projects.

This group features all the benefits of The Korte Company, from broad construction expertise to insurance and bonding capabilities that you would expect from a national Design-Build leader.

What we do

When we say we build everything from 1.3 million-square-foot warehouses to small neighborhood churches, we absolutely mean it.

The experts on our team cut their teeth saving time and money on huge Design-Build projects for customers like Amazon, Walgreens and the U.S. Postal Service, to name just a few.

Diversified Operations brings that caliber of expertise to every small- and medium-sized commercial and residential construction project it takes on.

If your project will cost from $50,000 to $500,000 and you want to work with a single point of contact who delivers construction management solutions, Diversified Operations is the right fit for you.

Our specialty is new construction, additions, renovations and even ongoing maintenance. Other than electrical and plumbing installation, shingled roofing or hazardous waste removal, there’s no job this group won’t tackle.

Why we’re different

The Korte Company was founded in Highland, Illinois in 1958. And in over 60 years in business, we’ve learned the secret that keeps 84% of customers coming back: treat everything you build as if you were building it for yourself.

We stick to those guns on every project we deliver, whether it’s building a massive distribution center from the ground up for one of America’s biggest brands or simply renovating the library at the school down the street.

Our process

1. Initial discussion
This is where you tell us what you’re looking to accomplish and why. No strings attached here. If after talking with us you feel we’re not the right fit, no worries.

2. Site visit
We want to see the site for ourselves. It’ll help us gather critical information needed for the next step.

3. Pre-construction
In pre-construction, we knuckle down and do the legwork. That includes engineering, drafting, estimating and working through the financials.

4. Construction
This is the best part. Your plans come to life in this stage.

5. Post-construction
We’ll do one last walkthrough to make sure everything’s crossed off the punch list and then hand you the keys.

Ready to get started?

To learn more about the Diversified Operations Group or to schedule a consultation on an upcoming project, contact Tom Schiller. He’ll follow up in an email to learn more about your plans.

Tom Schiller | Director of Diversified Services
Phone: 618.980.4421 (cell)
Office: 314.242.0245

Ready to get started?

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