We’ve been humbled to complete thousands of construction and design projects nationwide for a wide range of clients. With more than 84 percent of our business generated by return customers, our clients have become family and friends. And we proudly stand behind our work on each and every build. See what our clients have to say about their experiences with us and the quality of our work.

Airman's Dormitory — Scott Air Force Base, IL
"This is the best contract I have had the pleasure to work with on a project in my many years of experience. They embodied the philosophy of teamwork and the requirement of teamwork to get an “outstanding” project. The was not an “A” team; this was an A+++++” team. We look forward to working with this Korte team on any project in the future."
— Gary Puetz, Contracting Officer’s Representative, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
American Prepared Foods Facility Modernization — Oklahoma City, OK
"It is said that a customer’s true satisfaction is ultimately demonstrated if and when a customer returns and purchases additional goods or services from a company. Our experience was enjoyable, and we will continue to contract with The Korte Company on any future construction projects in the future."
— Ray Espinosa, Project Manager, American Foods Group
Biomedical Systems Corporate Headquarters — St. Louis, MO
"It is rare to be able to give such a positive endorsement. We always felt that The Korte Company was looking out for our best interests throughout the process. Korte was extremely responsive and proactive throughout the process. We highly recommend Korte, and in fact, are using them again on a second project. Korte Construction is deserving of outstanding ratings in every category."
— Daniel Barrett, Project Coordinator, Private - Biomedical Systems Corporate Headquarters
Boeing Leadership Center — St. Louis, MO
“The communication between construction team, project manager and owner was focused, producing excellent results. Punch list and warranty follow-up was excellent. Korte has a specific warranty team that addresses issues as they occur. This process provides an effective and timely response to customer requirements."
— J.R. Hurley, Boeing Leadership Center
Bremerton Waterfront Support Facility — Bremerton, WA
“The working relationship between the Government and the Contractor is outstanding. Korte is committed to partnering and pleasing the client.”
— Nicholas Leinweber, AROICC, U.S. Navy Northwest Division, Bremerton, WA
Chemical and Biological Warfare Detection Facility — Crane, IN
"Outstanding, both the design and construction portions have exceeded the requirements of the customer and have provided for a world class facility. Korte managed the project in an excellent manner and finished in a record 11 months. This was including 100 percent of the design effort as well as construction."
— Brent Robertson, Project Manager, NAVFAC
Church of Our Lady of the Snows — Belleville, IL
"I'd say it's a great experience because had it not been a good experience, I would have been the first one to say 'I don't even want them on the grounds' . . . . I'm glad when they do get the contract because I know what I'm going to get. Before decisions were really made where they would inform the subs of decisions or talk with the architect, they would always talk with me first, or the owner first, and find out, 'Do you agree with this? Or would you like to see this handled in a different way? Are you pleased?' and they were always wanting to make sure that [we] were pleased with what they produced. I feel a bit at ease knowing that I have this reassurance from my general contractor that the way the concrete is being poured, the slump test, the air test and everything, is all being followed because he is reviewing these reports. I feel comfortable that they've got an expert in that field, and an expert not only in concrete, but in many other areas, and that gives me a bit of reassurance. Well, we had a problem that arose with the church here . . . with one of the subcontractors on the floor. It did go to arbitration, which the contract stated, and Korte was with us all the way through the arbitration. I mean they were there every day, and I'm sure that really dug into Korte's profit on this project, but yet we never knew about that. They were with us and wanted to make sure that we were satisfied, and even today one of the project managers comes in, looks around and wants to make sure that we are satisfied with everything. I feel they can deliver a very good quality . . . here in the church we had some problems that came up with the subcontractors maybe not following through exactly. Korte had no problem at all with telling those people to tear down and start over. Even though it would have meant a delay of a day or two in opening from their target schedule, they had no problem in setting that day back to give you the quality that you wanted. They were always interested in the safety of their workers. Every week there was a safety meeting, an in-service training for all the workers no matter what they were doing, there was always time after lunch for the in-service training. I've seen ladders that the foreman came by and didn't think were safe, and he immediately just cut 'em up so that they couldn't be used. Yes, extremely safe. They would not let any of us on the job--even the owners--without a hardhat, and that's how they were concerned for our safety. The job site was always clean, the trailers were always clean, nothing left around--the area was always policed and cleaned up. So they would work with us in making sure that they could coordinate their safety fencing and anything that would need be if we needed to use it for a parking lot or something like that. So it was always a safe site. All I'd have to do is pick up the phone, call Korte, and they would send that special team out that comes and looks at the problem to see what it is, evaluate whose responsibility it might be in the trades, and took care of it. In fact it got to be to the point that I'd be calling up and they would never say, 'Well, I'm sorry, that's out of warranty' or 'That's not our responsibility anymore.' They were always there. We had weekly meetings with all the subcontractors . . . we continued with that all the way through the project. We had weekly meetings, we knew exactly what was taking place. The superintendent worked very close with all the subcontractors. The owner was always informed, knew exactly what was going on. There were no changes made without the owner's knowledge; everything took place very well. They brought value in their knowledge of building, their knowledge of construction in this area, the knowledge of the trades, the knowledge of the subs that were available that they thought could deliver the quality that they wanted to put into the project. That's extremely valuable--just their own team. I think we definitely received the value. If we didn't receive the value, I guess it would be our fault for not asking for it or demanding it, because they were always there. And the value was there, there was nothing we had to demand from Korte. They were always willing to go ahead and give us what we needed."
— Brother Paul Hoemeke
South County Endocrinology and Obesity Center — St. Louis, MO
“Your entire team was a pleasure to work with. We love our suite. Our patients love everything they see, design, colors floor plan etc.”
— Bharathi Raju, MD
USPS New Orleans Processing and Distribution Center Restoration — New Orleans, LA
“Excellent Contractor!! We would definitely hire again!!! Great Design/Build firm. NOLA project was completed approximately 60 days ahead of schedule and with a total cost savings of 2 million dollars. Project was extremely difficult due to Hurricane Katrina’s effects on work force and material. Korte was extremely cooperative considering that the construction was completed when the facility was occupied and operational. Korte's coordination/management of local utility companies, Postal Operations, subcontractors, and staff enabled the project to be completed 60 days ahead of schedule and under budget. They are truly a "Team Player"
— Clement Schulze, Project Manager, U.S. Postal Service
ProLogis-Unilever Distribution Center — Pontoon Beach, IL
“Our thirty acre, eight inch, steel fiber concrete floor looks as good as it did the day we took occupancy. It has withstood 24/7 of material handling equipment for the last four years.”
— John Chanitz, Safety Manager, Prologis-Unilever
USPS International Service Center Renovation — San Francisco, CA
"Their professionalism, achievement mindset and fair and reasonable attitude in all aspects of the contract are commendable. Korte manages schedule better than most contractors and usually completes a project ahead of schedule (without acceleration of costs)."
— Marilyn Wong-Wittmer, Sr. Project Manager, U.S. Postal Service
Collocated Club — Scott Air Force Base, IL
“Korte’s professionalism and excellent management of this project resulted in the project being completed six months ahead of schedule.”
— Patrick M. Haas, P.E., Louisville District Corps of Engineers
St. Clare of Assisi Roman Catholic Church — O’Fallon, IL
"Our new Church is more beautiful and more magnificent than we could have ever imagined."
— John Harter, Facilities Manager
Diocese of Las Vegas
"The Korte Company has constructed more than thirteen major projects for the Diocese and individual parishes including parish halls, church renovations, school additions, chapels and parking lots. We would highly recommend The Korte Company for any construction project."
— Brother John J. Dodd, C.S.V. Chief Financial Officer
The Center - Comprehensive Behavioral Health Center — East St. Louis, IL
“Since we had never been involved in anything of this magnitude, it was of utmost importance that the firm chosen would be one of integrity, professionalism and quality. This firm proved to be all of the above in an exemplary manner.”
— Marsha R. Johnson, The Center Comprehensive Behavioral Health Center
The District Office and Retail Shops — Henderson, NV
“We have always found the quality of their construction and the timeliness of completion to be excellent. They are very sensitive to the requirements for cost controls and maintaining a schedule. We have found them to be reliable, easy to communicate with and understanding the need to pay particular attention to detail.”
— John A. Kilduff, American Nevada Company
Enlisted Dining Facility — Twentynine Palms, CA
“The cooperation of the on-site management, as well as the home office, in local requirements and requests, is outstanding.”
— Justin M. Perry, AROICC, U.S. Navy Southwest Division, Twentynine Palms, CA
USPS Processing and Distribution Center Expansion — Las Vegas, NV
“Congratulations on another successful Postal Service project. The project will be completed on time, at a cost which is less than the original bid amount, thanks to your value engineering efforts… thanks for the high quality professional work which exceeded the needs of this customer.”
— Craig G. Wade, U.S Postal Service
USPS Processing and Distribution Center Expansion — North Reading, MA
“I can go on and on, but I have to say Korte has done a superb job! And not only on this project but all the rest of the projects. Korte's experience, excellent management and commitment was the driving force, this activity was accomplished requiring working 24/7 during late fall and part of the winter."
— Matthew Kalandranis, Architect/Engineer, U.S. Postal Service
USPS Processing and Distribution Center — Spokane, WA
“Very good Design-Build contractor. They manage their resources well, always finish ahead of schedule and provide quality buildings.”
— Marilyn Wong-Wittmer, Sr. Project Manager, U.S. Postal Service
Walgreens Distribution Center – Waxahachie, TX
“From conceptual estimating and design in the beginning, through the always challenging permitting and construction process, to the final project close-out, the Korte team continually exhibited a high degree of urgency, confidence, and conscientiousness that made us feel at ease.”
— Michael J. Rozmus, The Walgreen Company
Walgreens Distribution Center — West Palm Beach, FL
“Korte’s highly competent and professional organization was able to design, permit and construct our new, 684,000-square-foot facility with an extremely aggressive schedule. Their highly dedicated personnel were committed to doing whatever was necessary to bring the project to a successful conclusion.”
— Michael P. Abbate, Director of Construction, The Walgreen Company
Walgreens Woodland Distribution Center — Woodland CA
“The Korte Company is a valued and trusted business associate with whom we continue to do business.”
— Bruce Schmiedl – Manager, Facilities Planning, The Walgreen Company
Walgreens Southeast Distribution Center — Williamston, SC
“In terms of overall capability, performance and integrity, Korte is the best! The design was aesthetically excellent as well as highly functional."
— Michael P. Abbate, Director of Construction, The Walgreen Company
Wolf Branch Middle School — Swansea, IL
"It was a pleasure to work with the professionals at Korte Company. They were always accessible and ready to assist with any problem."
— Leroy A. Triepenbach