Madigan Preventive Medicine Clinic

This medical building construction project is a new 13,576-square-foot Preventative Medicine Clinic in Washington. It's location allows access from both the on-street parking located on 5th Street and the on-site car park located north of the building. A wide promenade guides visitors to a central plaza where the building can be accessed from a two-sided vestibule. This solution allows the building to draw in visitors from both directions while allowing unimpeded future facility expansion across the plaza. Patients and guests enter the building through the glass storefront entries on either side of the vestibule. At the entrance, they're greeted by a warm and welcoming, collocated waiting space filled with natural light from tall lobby windows. The central reception desk is prominently located on the side of the lobby. From this reception point, patients and visitors can check in prior to proceeding into the clinical treatment zone.

In keeping with the surrounding architecture, we built a single-story medical building to help promote the greater campus environment. We constructed the exterior facade of the clinic with a variety of materials, including a base course of natural grey CMU, wire cut brick veneer, and synthetic stucco finish. These changes in material provide variety and interest to the building elevation, and we selected them in coordination with the Madigan Area Master Plan.

The clinic meets technical daylighting needs with solar tubes that light interior spaces. We're proud that this project is energy efficient and earned a USGBC LEED Gold Certification.

USGBC Certification: 
LEED Certified Gold
13,576 square feet
Tacoma, WA
Madigan Preventive Medicine Clinic