ProLogis-Unilever Distribution Center

ProLogis-Unilever warehouse construction
ProLogis-Unilever warehouse construction - Tilt-Up
ProLogis-Unilever distribution construction
ProLogis-Unilever warehouse construction - sky view
ProLogis-Unilever warehouse construction - aerial view
ProLogis-Unilever distribution construction

We help companies grow their businesses through precise, on-time, on-budget warehouse construction. This is one of our finest projects.

ProLogis is a leading provider of distribution facilities and services, with more than 1,700 facilities owned, managed and under development in 90 markets throughout North America, Europe and Asia. After participating in a competitive bid process, The Korte Company was selected by ProLogis to build their new warehouse and distribution center at the Gateway Commerce Park in Pontoon Beach, Illinois. We constructed the nearly 1.3 million-square-foot facility using Tilt-Up concrete panels and an EPDM roof. It's located on a 61.22-acre site and is the largest facility of its type we've constructed.

Specific building features include a 1.23 million-square-foot warehouse, a 10,000 square-foot office space, a 7,191-square-foot forklift and maintenance area, a 4,775-square-foot future space for a third-party packing company, a 3,000-square-foot area used by truckers to complete paperwork, and a parking area with 277 parking spaces and 421 trailer spaces.

Our complete team is capable of completing the biggest builds in the fastest timeframes. And we can help you scale your production and grow your business. Learn more about warehouse construction services at The Korte Company.

1,262,678 square feet
Pontoon Beach, IL
ProLogis-Unilever Distribution Center