Build Smart: The Texas Way

The Korte Company’s most recent expansion supports projects throughout the Lone Star State. Based in Houston, our Texas office allows us to deliver the same caliber of Design-Build construction expertise our clients across the country expect.

But why Texas? It’s about more than just an opportunity to grow the business. It’s about how we grow. And it’s about growing in partnership with a place and its people.

There’s a strength and an attitude about Texas—and Texans—that we admire. Simply put, it reminds us of home: Highland, Illinois, the little farm town where the company was founded in 1958—and where our headquarters remain today.

We’re here because we have some important values in common with Texans. They’re values that our founder, Ralph Korte, used to guide the company through years of strong, steady growth: Always work hard. Treat people fairly. Don’t charge too much. Give the customer more than they expect.

The Korte Company is excited to Build Smart in Texas, and build strong relationships along the way. What projects do you have on tap? Contact us here or reach out to our Houston office directly.