Highland: Where it all began

It’s where we got our start. It’s where our founder, Ralph Korte, began building milking parlors and barns for neighbor farmers and found by accident that construction was his passion. It’s where he first uttered his motto, “I’d rather drive nails than eat.”

It’s a little farm town in southwestern Illinois. We call it home—and we remain deeply involved. Whether it’s a new construction project, a remodel or simply the time and talent we volunteer for local groups and causes, we treat everything we do in our hometown as an opportunity to deepen the roots we put down here in 1958.

The projects we highlight below show that the work we’ve done in Highland and its surroundings is all about strengthening communities. We’ve delivered countless new construction, expansion and renovation projects, each built to last; each one a chance for us leave our neck of the woods a little better than we found it.

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