St. Louis: Our center of gravity

St. Louis has been the heart of The Korte Company’s universe for decades. As the economic anchor not far from our Highland, IL office, St. Louis has long been a proving ground where our teams honed the skills and built the relationships that make us who we are.

Aircraft hangars, massive distribution centers, hospitals and healthcare facilities, churches, schools, government buildings, banks and mixed-use commercial and residential complexes—we’ve built, renovated or expanded them all here over the years.

In fact, judging by the projects below, you might say we’ve had a hand in shaping the city and region in its recent history. We’re proud of what we’ve accomplished in St. Louis. We’re excited for the work still to come and we tip our hard hats to the customers and subcontractors who’ve shared our good fortune so far.

Do you have a St. Louis-area construction project on tap? We’d love to learn more about it. Reach out to us here or contact our St. Louis headquarters.