Retail & restaurant construction

Today, change is the only constant in the retail and restaurant industries. Thriving requires a special combination of thoughtful planning and bold ideas to stay afloat amid disruption after disruption.

We’ve delivered retail and restaurant construction projects across the country, from minor suite renovations to major renovations and expansions to brand new buildings from the ground up. Our goal is simple: Turn owners’ ideas into magnetic destinations.

Design-Build and the destination mindset

Whether we’re remodeling a small suite, renovating or expanding an existing property or building something new from the ground up, we think about retail and restaurant construction projects in much the same way as site owners do.

A partnership with The Korte Company means you’ll work with a Design-Build team that thinks through customer flows from top to bottom, entry to exit. Experienced interior designers can lend a hand with major considerations like sales floor or dining area layout down to the color of bathroom drain fixtures and door handles.

We know how dramatically retail and dining has changed in the last decade. Our job is to address both the immediate and long-term challenges in settings where change is the norm. That means designing for adaptability, keeping floorplans wide open and even choosing temporary, less costly construction materials for properties in near-constant need of renovation or expansion.

Retail and restaurant owners in the 21st century know that these spaces must be more than a place to buy a product or get a bite to eat. Today’s consumers want the destination experience. The Korte Company delivers—and saves time and money.

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