Dental Clinic - Fort Leonard Wood

The Korte Company, along with its joint-venture partner, MACNAK, was awarded the dental clinic project at Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri. Prior to construction of the 18,629 square foot facility, the project requires the demolition of nine (9) buildings which are each 2,500 square feet. Additionally, there will be required site improvements. The facility is anticipated to be completed in late 2014 and will be USGBC-Certified LEED Silver.

In keeping with the evidence-based design goals, the MACNAK- Korte Team developed a focal entry element to assist in way finding, directing patients to the primary entry of the building.   To emphasize this, elements that define the entry, lobby and waiting were pulled up through the primary facility roof and capped with a separate standing seam roof.   An integral canopy into the façade provides weather protection and solace for patients arriving or leaving the site.

Secondary entry points have been established for staff and ambulance access.  These entries repeat upon the language established at the main entry in a smaller scale.  This design allows for the secondary entries to be both identifiable and subordinate as it relates to the overall mass of the building.  These canopy forms serve to break up the mass of the clinic by providing visual interest to the simple building form.

The overall design emphasizes an environment focused on patient and staff safety.  This approach minimizes risks and improves outcome as stated by the Joint Commission and the Environment of Care.  Every effort will be made in providing a design which creates physical conditions that are safe for both patients and staff.  Work spaces will be designed to provide the necessary tools for aiding staff in performing tasks and minimizing risk.  The overall concept will promote care and well-being of the occupants and will enhance the level of quality and service required.

USGBC Certification: 
LEED Certified Silver
18,629 square feet
Fort Leonard Wood, MO