Centers of worship and church construction

The most important part of church design and construction is the idea that the structure is much more than just a building. A whole lot more.

A center of worship —whether it’s a church, a mosque, a synagogue or a temple— is the physical representation of the beliefs and identities of entire communities. We’re proud to help build these inspiring, reverent spaces.

Building smart is building divine

When approaching church construction at The Korte Company, we know the importance of a timely build. So we’d like to mention the fact that we’ve never delivered late.

Additionally, we understand that every penny counts – so it’s important to note we’ve never gone over budget. This isn’t a loaves-and-fishes proposition, as we’re certainly no miracle workers. But we are hard workers and we’re proud to always build smart.

Communication in church design and church construction

Communication is an essential tool for any of our projects at The Korte Company and it’s an especially important tool when that project is an extension of the beliefs and values that define it. Additionally, like many of the buildings we construct, we understand the importance of your entire community being happy with the structure we’re building for them.

At The Korte Company, we work very closely with our centers-of-worship clients to make certain that any questions are addressed long before the hammer hits the nail. As that guarantees a smiling congregation.

With us, there are no Hail Mary’s on the job-site, as we believe in saving those for Sunday. Just well-planned and well-executed church construction projects with us. Let’s talk – we’ll tell you more.

Financing your construction project

Securing financing is one of the biggest challenges owners face. In our guide to construction finance, we demystify this complex topic, show you how to get financing and introduce you to the best funding sources for projects large and small.

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