World-class construction mentorship

At The Korte Company, our success depends on building the best team for every construction project. That’s why we’re committed to cultivating a pipeline of the best young talent we can find.

Our dynamic internship program puts bright, ambitious forward thinkers side-by-side with experienced construction professionals who innovate every day.

Are you the future of construction?

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See our current positions

“The knowledge and skills gained as an intern at The Korte Company was by far the most beneficial experience in my college career.”

–Michael Stephenson, Project Estimator

This is a job, not a coffee run

Internships with The Korte Company are one of a kind—you won’t be making coffee runs.

We place our interns with the best in the business. You’ll be working on real construction projects for real customers starting on day one. That’s because we believe the best education comes with scuffed boots and dirty hands.

Got an area you’re especially interested in? We match our interns with the right mentors and rewarding work you’ll be proud to do every day.

“As an intern, Korte allowed me flexibility so that I was able to gain knowledge about a variety of construction realities as opposed to becoming pigeon-holed for a summer of work. This in turn enabled me to develop my own construction expertise specific to my abilities and interests.”

–Alex Ayres, Project Engineer

Internship benefits

  • Hands-on project experience that builds skills you’ll use.
  • Mentorship from experienced construction professionals.
  • Training on the latest tech used in construction.
  • Post-internship employment opportunities.

If you’re serious about honing your skills and learning about this changing industry first-hand, an internship with The Korte Company will get you there.

“This mentorship was invaluable in preparing me for my career. I was able to stay with Korte throughout the rest of my schooling and my supervisor worked with my class schedule to allow me to work around classes. Before I graduated, I had a full time offer with Korte. Paired with the knowledge I gained during my internship, I was able to quickly hit the ground running as a full time member of the Korte team.”

–Christine Raffety, Project Manager

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