Building Smart is building right. And building right means doing right by everyone — on and off the job site.

The Korte Company delivers Design-Build construction solutions that last while honoring its commitment to good stewardship of the environment, our communities and our company.


Environmental stewardship

As forward-looking builders we believe the natural world and the built environment must exist in harmony.

A wide variety of our construction projects meet or exceed the Green Building Initiative’s GreenGlobes criteria (formerly known as LEED).

Noteworthy projects include:

  • Navy Gateway Inns & Suites
  • USPS Processing & Distribution Center
  • Cannon Air Force Base
  • Southern Nevada Water Authority
  • Fort Richardson Barracks Complex
  • Navy Gateway Inns & Suites

    Restoration of a seaside habitat was included in the scope of work for this 200-room lodge at Naval Station Newport in Rhode Island. It was built at the edge of an island in Coasters Harbor.

  • USPS Processing & Distribution Center

    To minimize the impact of building this 818,000-square-foot facility in Portland, Oregon, our team helped relocate sensitive wetland areas impacted by the build.

  • Cannon Air Force Base

    New dormitories were built with myriad green principles in a design fit for this dry New Mexico landscape, including daylighting, solar hot water heating and natural ventilation.

  • Southern Nevada Water Authority

    Our nine-floor tenant improvement for SNWA included daylighting design principles and the installation of flexible modular building and data control systems for maximum energy efficiency.

  • Fort Richardson Barracks Complex

    Arctic best design practices informed construction of new barracks in Alaska. The building features an efficient L-shaped footprint that’s oriented in a way to take full advantage of sunlight to melt snow and help warm the building.

The Korte Company always strives to source construction materials from local providers when feasible to reduce the overall carbon footprint of every project. This also reduces overall project cost, a savings we pass on to customers.

We are surrounded by vital ecosystems. Our customers know that environmental protection is vital to their communities.

Our job is to Build Smart. That means finding solutions that work with — not against — critical natural systems. Learn more here.


Socially responsible construction

Together with our subcontractors, every construction project we undertake is an opportunity to build a labor force as vibrant and diverse as the communities in which we build.

As an equal opportunity employer, we pledge never to discriminate on the basis of any protected status. We extend this pledge to the process of vetting and sourcing local subcontractors.

Social responsibility also means lending a hand to those in need. That’s why we believe our work should make an impact well beyond the boundaries of a job site.

Continuing the legacy of our founder Ralph Korte, The Korte Company sustains a culture of giving in service of our neighbors near and far.

For more, read about Korte in the community.


Good governance

The Korte Company is a closely held family business that is 100% employee-owned.

We know that employee-owned companies outperform their peers by practically any measure. And we believe that giving people a chance to claim ownership in the company helps them take ownership of their own future.

Our Employee Stock Ownership Program boasts a participation rate of 25% of those eligible, a testament to our team’s belief in itself.

Also, we’re fully bonded and insured up to $250 million per project and $500 million in total annually.

In other words, we run a good company. We’re not accountable to distant shareholders. We’re unmoved by a jittery stock market.

We answer only to our customers and to each other.

If you believe a violation of our policies or standards has occurred and want to file a secure, anonymous report, click here.

Values lived since 1958

The world today is a lot different than it was when Ralph Korte went into business for himself in 1958.

But his approach to construction — and running a construction company — rings just as true today, over 60 years later.

Be kind and treat people fairly. Work with nature, not against it. Run your business wisely. Do your work as if others were watching.

For The Korte Company, “ESG” is not a buzzword. Buzzwords don’t last generations.

Real values do.