Retail construction, renovation and expansion

Today, change is the only constant in the retail industry. Thriving requires a special combination of thoughtful planning and bold ideas to stay afloat amid disruption after disruption.

We’ve delivered retail construction jobs across the country, from suite renovations to store expansions to the construction of new sites from the ground up. Our goal is simple: Take an idea for a brick-and-mortar location and turn it into a destination.

Our retail experience

Our nationwide stretch of retail construction success stories runs from Las Vegas to St. Louis to Washington, D.C.

Thinking through the shopping experience

Whether we’re remodeling a small retail suite, overhauling or expanding a large sales floor or building something from scratch, we think about retail construction projects in much the same way as site owners do.

A partnership with The Korte Company means you’ll work with a Design-Build team that thinks through customer flows from top to bottom, entry to exit. We plot out big-time interior design considerations and the little things alike—from the location and layout of the sales floor down to the color of restroom countertops.

Because we know how quickly the retail industry can change, our job is just as much about setting you up to adapt to the future as it is about meeting current needs. That means furnishing your site with easily moveable shelving and equipment, keeping floorplans wide open and even choosing temporary, less costly construction materials if expansion is in your future. And we do it all while saving you time and money.

The bottom line: You know you need to be able to adapt, and fast. The Design-Build experts at The Korte Company agree—and they’ve proven they can deliver for retail giants like Walgreens and Whole Foods and for the Mom-and-Pops up and down Main Street.

Owner’s guide to retail construction

There’s a lot to prepare for ahead of a retail construction project, whether you’re a corporate retail boss or a mom-and-pop business owner. And things can change in the blink of an eye.

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