ALTA surveying

At The Korte Company, we’ve provided full-service land surveying for more than 20 years — that’s back when tape measures and paper were the tools of the trade. Today, our crews are equipped with the latest technology in surveying and computer-aided drafting to provide the most accurate services available. Combine this technology with our experience, and we’re able to complete surveys that are accurate and on-time.

Our land surveying services include:

  • ALTA (American Land Title Association) Survey
  • Boundary/Property Survey
  • Construction Staking/Surveying
  • Topographic Survey
  • Mortgage Inspection
  • Subdivision Survey
  • Condominium Survey
  • Machine Control Data Preparation
  • GS Control
  • FEMA Elevation Certificate

To learn more about our land surveying and engineering services, call Doug Flath, PLC at 314-242-0273.