School construction

Expectations are high for schools. And while that largely depends on the teachers, administrators, students and families who make up a school community, the structure itself can also make a significant impact.

It takes experience, commitment, passion and the teamwork we learned back when we were in the classroom to get everyone on the same page and up-to-speed on the latest trends. At The Korte Company, that’s as much a part of our heritage as hammers and hard hats.

School construction and design experience

From the actual school buildings themselves to the facilities and athletic complexes that surround them, at The Korte Company, we’ve built a little bit of everything related to education. High schools, middle schools, university facilities and more, we’ve gone back to the classroom time and time again.

Just like in our other areas of focus, our educational-facility construction is on-time, on-budget and built to last. It’s simple math if you ask us. At The Korte Company, we build smart.

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