As an experienced manufacturing construction company, we’re laser-focused on delivering spaces that meet our customers’ business goals. That means working together to ensure that our designs give workers and systems a space optimized for productive, profitable work. We’ve done it across the country, earning a nationwide reputation as a manufacturing construction company that “gets it.”

Building efficient, flexible spaces

They’re usually not the flashiest buildings on the block (although we certainly can make them look beautiful). But manufacturing facilities challenge us to be the best at what we do.

That’s because there’s more that goes into building these structures than meets the eye. We have to account for many important facets of facility, including:

  • Any special interior and exterior infrastructural needs, like road or rail connections, shipping bays, power supplies and fire protection.
  • Efficient design of work spaces for workers and production systems.
  • Balancing building material selection to match the unique work occurring inside while staying sustainable.
  • The potential for future expansion or renovation of the facility—it has to be seamless.

Make the most of your manufacturing

Hundreds of successful manufacturing construction projects across the U.S. have given us a great opportunity to innovate on projects as unique as the businesses we’ve built for. We count truck body makers, automotive light metal manufacturers, steel and aluminum suppliers and solid particle processors as just some of our very satisfied customers.

We couldn’t do it without close collaboration among our team members and our customers’ leadership. That’s what makes the Design-Build delivery method so effective on manufacturing construction jobs: Single-source responsibility with everyone on the same page. And that translates to well-designed, sustainable facilities that make your work easier.