Bank design & bank construction

Long before drive-through windows and ATMs, The Korte Company designed and built banks and other secure facilities for the financial services sector.

Our first bank design and construction project was in 1965, and we’re happy to report the facility still operates today.

Bank design and construction is always changing

Like all of the markets for which we build, a lot has changed since our first build in the financial sector, especially when it comes to function and security. We’re proud to report that we’ve adjusted accordingly.

We’ve monitored the trends, we’ve studied the research, we’ve worked hard to understand the needs and wants of the average American consumer. And while this all dictates what we build, it’s the same philosophy that we had 50 years back that dictates how we handle bank construction and design.

It’s all about the relationship

Today, nothing matters more than the personal relationship. Especially in banking. And while innovation has driven the actual structure of a financial institution to be much more than a counter and a vault, many of the same traditional principles that have always been important in banking still matter today.

From the flow of drive-thru traffic and the ability to accommodate new and emerging technologies, to the focus of a client-friendly space, the designs of banks are becoming more and more user friendly.

At The Korte Company, we’ve worked very hard to understand the financial sector and recognize its unique set of design principles. We look forward to telling you more.