No renovations are easy, especially when it’s an old building getting a major overhaul. But when the project is to make a graphic design studio out of what used to be 90-year-old church listed on the National Register of Historic Places, it’s a challenge on a whole new level.

Good thing we love the tough jobs at The Korte Company. Those let us prove our Design-Build method is perfect for the most complex renovation and construction projects.

Retaining cultural value

At over 90 years old, the former Assumption Greek Orthodox Church in University City, MO is the type of building that makes contractors nervous. Designs called for modern work areas on three different levels. That required significant new interior construction and a major upgrade to the structure’s existing supports.

The anchor tenant and owner of the building, Rose Design, is a cutting-edge graphic design firm with significant technological needs. The Korte Company met those needs while maintaining a crisp, clean look inside a building that clearly was not initially designed to handle them.

The Korte Company also installed a new HVAC system capable of controlling the climate on three different levels without clogging the interior’s wide open ceiling spaces with unsightly vents and ductwork.

Maintaining the historical value of the building was critical throughout the project. This meant that designers and engineers had to work together to develop work spaces that would meet the customer’s needs while showcasing the unique properties of the building that earned it national recognition in 1980.

Custom-made safety

One of the biggest challenges on this project was that the building was initially built essentially as a large domed chamber. Picture a capitol building minus the corridors radiating outward.

Combine this with the age of the building —it was built in 1924— and the result was a project that required safety considerations beyond those of an average renovation, including:

  • Development of project safety procedures specific to this individual project
  • Development of special inspections to ensure the safety procedures were implemented
  • Weekly on-site safety meetings where new safety goals were set to match the project’s progress

The extra effort taken to develop these procedures and inspections paid off: no accidents of any kind occurred for the duration of the project.

Delivering great spaces

Creating functional, modern work spaces inside historical structures is a unique challenge that required the best of The Korte Company’s innovative design, thoughtful engineering and experienced workmanship. Creating Rose Design’s new headquarters showed what’s possible when a Design-Build contractor and a property owner work together to face down challenges en route to delivering a striking space that breathes new life into an important historical site.

You can see other examples of how The Korte Company delivers on even the most challenging projects every time by reading the collection of case studies below.

“My experience with The Korte Company was exceptional. My contacts were consistently professional and helpful, and the results of their efforts are incomparable. I would highly recommend The Korte Company for any design-build-furnish project where creativity, technical expertise, and attention to detail are essential.” – Richard Rose, President of Rose Design

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