3 big benefits to renovating your hospital

At The Korte Company, we’re in the business of building smarter healthcare. Sometimes that’s in the form of new healthcare construction. And sometimes that’s in the form of an existing medical facility renovation. The answer to this depends on many factors – provider goals, budget, patient usage, doctor needs, and really, quite a bit more.

In this blog post, we’re going to focus on the latter. That of a hospital renovation, versus building anew.

First off, it needs to be noted that there are two main reasons why renovation should be considered: 1. All needs of a hospital’s patients need to be met. 2. All of the hospital workers’ needs must be met. Those considered, here are three big benefits to renovating a hospital.

1. More rooms become available and the performance of the hospital is increased

Cramped quarters are never good. Especially when germs, scalpels and emergencies are involved. But, a renovation can help create more space in your medical facility. In fact, through new and improved utilization of available space, more rooms may be created for patients at your healthcare facility. This allows your hospital or medical facility to serve more patients and better serve the community in need.

With more patients being served in your medical facility, the performance of your institution is likely to increase, which leads to a better image for the hospital and greater profits.

2. Staff works more effectively = operation costs are reduced

In today’s high-touch world, high tech is expected. Healthcare is no exception.

When the latest innovations are installed and upgraded in your medical facility, we believe a hospital staff will work harder and smarter. For instance, using the newest safety technology can help prevent accidents. Or patient controlled blinds can greatly enhance the experience of users and visitors.

3. New look, better future

We’ve all seen them – the buildings and hospitals of the future. Of course updated and innovative layouts and designs add to the curb appeal of a facility. But all those fancy features play a part in the “living and breathing” side of the building as well. For instance, when available site resources are fully utilized, it will lead to a reduction in operation costs. When the cutback of both energy and water is introduced, it will immediately reduce the overall operational costs of the hospital. This is typcially well received by all – imagine that!

That’s building smart

And your healthcare construction company, they should be delivering accordingly.

There are definite overall improvements to any hospital that undergoes the correct renovations. Together with the above-mentioned benefits, the health of all patients will be improved. And your healthcare facility, it’ll be built smart.


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