Attention health facilities: 4 common assessments before your healthcare construction project can start

In the business of building, there’s no shortage of change. Everything changes, and daily at that. Technology is changing the way we build to be more efficient. And owners are welcoming such change.

But how do health facilities keep up with all this change? How does healthcare facilities management know when it’s time to make an update? That’s where construction site assessments can really help.

What to look for in health facilities site assessments

Whether you build with us or another Design-Build healthcare company, the following four site assessments for health facilities will help you make sure your building as smart as you can be.

1.The Business Assessment

This is the first common assessment and it’s a non-negotiable. It’s the only way for your builder to really understand what you’re trying to get out of your healthcare facilities, and it’s the foundation that will help you accommodate future growth. Executing a strong business assessment of your buildings will help make sure you’re getting the most out of your health facilities. This typically includes interviews with your staff, hours “walking the halls” and a thorough review of historical data on inpatient and outpatient services.

2. Architectural, Mechanical and Electrical System Assessments

Before a healthcare construction company starts working with your facility, they should request to be allowed to make a thorough investigation of the architectural, mechanical and electrical systems you already have in place. Their goal with this assessment will be to understand the current condition, limitations, code and regulatory compliance and potential reuse of your structure and systems. This assessment can help save significant money by project’s end.

3. Financial Assessment

A Financial Assessment will help your healthcare construction company evaluate initial credit assessment and debt capacity. This will help further strengthen your chance for long-term success and smarter planning. A good healthcare builder will construct your building so that it can continue to grow as your health facilities evolve with time.

4. Field Assessment

In the Field Assessment, a very important assessment, the full design team travels to the construction site to obtain initial project assessments. Surveys are conducted of topography, utilities, property lines and more. Additionally, builders will take a thorough look into hazardous materials.

For more on these assessments as well as how to manage a healthcare construction project, download our guide below.


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