The Benefits of Renovating a Hospital


When the option of constructing or expanding a hospital is out of the question, the renovation options should be considered. There are two main reasons why renovation should be considered, of which the first is that all the needs of the hospital’s patients should be met. Secondly, it should motivate the hospital staff to work in a more effective manner.

Renovating a hospital has the following benefits:

Infection risk is reduced. The risk of being infected by bacteria acquired at the hospital is greatly reduced when the hospital is improved by renovations.

More rooms become available. Through smart utilization of available space, more rooms may be created for patients.

Performance of hospital is increased. With more patients in the hospital, the performance could further increase, which again leads to a better image for the hospital and greater profit.

Staff will work more effectively. When the latest technology is installed and upgraded, it will cause the hospital staff to work harder and more effectively too.

Reducing of operation costs. When the available resources are fully utilized, it will lead to a reduction in operation costs.

Prevent Accidents. The newest safety technology used will definitely be a factor in the prevention of accidents.

Reduce Operational costs. When the cutback of both energy and water is introduced, it will immediately reduce the overall operational costs of the hospital.

New Look. Due to the changed layout and design of the hospital, it will look upgraded and new- and thus, more appealing.

Reducing of Solar heat gain. When the use of patient-controlled electrical shades for the room windows is introduced, it will reduce the gaining of solar heat.

There is a definite overall improvement to any hospital that undergoes the correct renovations. Together with the above-mentioned benefits, it will improve the health of all patients, and they will be more comfortable too.

References: Online article from Express Healthcare website. Renovate a Hospital or go for constructing a New Hospital? Retrieved August 21, 2011, from

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