Bank design considerations: why you emotional elements matter


When building a new bank or renovating an existing one, there are brand new considerations that all banks take into account these days. These considerations involve the level of satisfaction the clients and employees will experience when using the bank’s facilities. It is also termed the ‘Emotional Elements’.

Several studies have been performed in the immediate environment of leading banks around the world. Many banks are now trying to make their own banking environment as enjoyable as possible for everyone.

From the results of these studies, the focus was shifted to combine the requirements of the clients or users with a more pleasurable overall experience when visiting their bank. The two emotional elements that were concentrated on in these studies were mainly color and sound.

Layout and Space Planning

Currently, when the new designs are being worked on, designers have information gathered from these studies to help them with utilizing the available space in a bank. The designs can now be optimized to improve all the clients’ lines of movement inside the bank.

The signs used inside the bank to direct and instruct clients have also now been improved in each new bank design. They are more easily understood and are an improvement on the previous designs. Previously used signs were sometimes difficult for clients to understand and they often had to ask employees where to go.

Using the two Emotional Elements

Both the uses of color and sound have been changed in the new designs and are now used to heighten the experience of a client, whereas in the past, designs were only meant for usability issues. Through making the correct changes in these types of elements, which evoke emotion from people, a bank can incorporate design improvements that will make a significant difference overall.

References: Retrieved on August 29, 2011, from a Case Study report from the Fukuoka Bank of Japan…

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