Construction of a new bank and its vault design


When the planning and the design of a new credit union or bank building starts, the first step for the designers is to plan the vault. A bank vault is usually custom built according to the bank’s specifications and requirements. Only after its design has been finalized, can the rest of the bank’s design and planning work commence.

Important Vault Considerations

The manufacturers of the vault will consult with the designers and the owners of the bank before they start manufacturing of the vault. They will need to know what the size and final shape of the vault should be.

Another important piece of information they will need before they are ready to finish the vault design is the position of the door. After the vault’s design is completed, the bank’s owners will have to approve the plans before they could start with its manufacturing.

Check List for Vault Construction

  • A state-of-the-art locking system is one of the most important aspects of any bank vault. There are standard locking systems available from the companies that custom build these vaults, but the bank’s requirements are also taken into consideration.
  • Ventilators should be included on the inside of all vaults. This is necessary if someone should be trapped inside the vault. A telephone is usually another requirement, which will allow any trapped person to call people on the outside for help.
  • A day lock is included with all vaults and its main function is to prevent any employees from being locked inside the vault accidently.
  • An inside release allows anybody trapped on the inside to release the pre-set time locks of the vault. Afterwards the door is relocked on the outside.

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