Demolition of Famous Old Buildings Generates Loss of Historical Landmarks

Many people complain that famous old buildings are being destroyed, resulting in the loss of many historical landmarks. While critics may argue that such development strategies are critical to stimulating new cultural and metropolitan growth, there are 2 main reasons why the demolition of such buildings generates a major loss of beloved historical markers.

Irrecoverable Loss of Important Human and Social History

First, the demolition of old structures to make way for new ones is a hard blow to the preservation of important human and social history. A perfect example is the destruction of the aboveground section of New York’s Penn station during the mid 1960s, which drastically changed the façade of the surrounding neighborhoods. Several newspaper editors criticized the new architecture style used because it lacked the physical grandeur of the old Penn Station. The longevity of the existence of an old building, such as in the case of Penn Station, alone makes the building more remarkable than any modern structure.

Artistic Value Refurbished of Old Buildings

Structures that have been preserved show the meticulous work of restoration specialists and are appreciated by experts the general public. A great example is the city of Santa Barbara, California, where the historical Presidio and Old Spanish Mission trademark adobe bricks were restored. Similar positive feedback is experienced in communities across America that surround refurbished old structures.


Some argue that new buildings incite metropolitan growth, and they are right. However, replacing historical structures should be a last resort. Those who declare that replacement of the old with the new holds nothing but benefits for our changing society should consider the example of Penn Station. By the late 1950s, it had become a physical and a cultural Manhattan landmark. Now the original structure’s legacy hardly impacts the land or the younger generations.

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