Design-build approach to emergency roof repair and emergency construction services

Fall has arrived in all its glory here in the Midwest, where we have offices in St. Louis and Highland (Illinois). The leaves the past few weeks have been spectacular. Reds, yellows, browns and oranges have sparked the horizon, blanketed our parks and lawns…and clogged our drains?!

Emergency roof repair can be avoided in the first place

While Fall is a time to enjoy traditions, as a facility owner / manager you know that it’s not all crackling fires, toothy jack-o-lanterns and flannel, well, everything. In actuality, it’s a time that you have to be paying special attention to your facility, in particular, your facility’s roof.

Right now, your roof, and the health of your roof, should be high on your maintenance list. Keeping your cover clean of limbs, leaves and other debris is crucial to the state of your building. As we detailed in this article back in the summer, a big storm can knock debris on your rooftop and eventually cause drains to clog. However, come October and November, with leaves falling and piling up with the slightest of breezes, every day is an opportunity for a new clog. Add in the occasional hard freeze, and you have the recipe for a real disaster.

Emergency construction services in action

Several years back, The Bank of Edwardsville, a local bank with several branches and outstanding service, called us late of an evening. It was around 10:30, and they were alerting us of their new rooftop swimming pool. The problem was, they never asked for one. Instead, the facility’s roof drains had clogged leading to a pool of water. The weight was quickly causing damage.

Long story short, with a phone call to our emergency construction services team, we had them opened by bankers’ hours the next morning. Not to mention, aware of the importance of keeping an eye to the sky to see when the leaves start falling.

Design-Build and emergency construction services

When it comes to emergency construction services, having a partner that’s well versed in Design-Build is important because it provides a versatile building partner that is nimble and can handle whatever Mother Nature sends their way. Considering a Design-Builder for emergency construction services creates a partnership with a company that’s fluent in the art of project management and can handle many working parts at once. When it comes to Design-Build and emergency construction services, let’s just say the leaf doesn’t fall far from the tree.

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