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In 1963, the tireless pursuit of better construction, faster delivery and cost-efficiency led us to pave the way for the modern Design-Build delivery method. In the more than 50 years that have passed, we’ve honed and refined it, and today, we use Design-Build in more than 90 percent of our projects. Why have we chosen this path? There are many reasons. One of the biggest is the unequalled flexibility Design-Build gives us to deliver cost savings to owners.

In Design-Build, one company is responsible for both architectural design and construction. With one entity responsible for all project aspects, Design-Build eliminates project management headaches and provides every team member with a clear construction plan. Unlike traditional methods, it offers your project team total flexibility throughout construction process. Project team members can contribute best-value solutions as they arise. You see an unmatched speed of delivery and clear standards for quality control and safety. And that all adds up to strong project savings for owners.

Design-Build saves management costs

It’s draining and costly for owners to coordinate and manage multiple parties on a project. The Design-Build method eliminates this problem by bringing all aspects of design and construction under the roof of one Design-Build contractor. As a result, it reduces owners’ project workloads. Because Design-Build offers owners one point of contact, it provides a continuous, convenient flow of information. That simple communication framework makes it easier for you to manage your build. Having less to manage on your end means your staff has fewer project responsibilities. That means fewer trips out of the office, fewer meetings and fewer internal project management costs for you. By contrast, when you have to simultaneously manage many firms on a given project, your workload and project costs can increase considerably.

As an example, simplified project management played a key role when we handled the design and construction of a mail and distribution center for the United States Postal Service (USPS) in New Orleans, Louisiana. Following the devastation of Hurricane Katrina, the facility required extensive work. Using Design-Build to deliver the project, we saved the USPS $2.1 million and completed it months ahead of schedule.

Design-Build provides a streamlined, efficient plan that reduces costs

In many projects, we’ve helped owners from start to finish of the design and construction process, and that shows you the true beauty of Design-Build. When you work with a Design-Builder, one company has complete information and knows your project realities and goals at every stage of a build. One plan carries you from your initial facility vision through your ribbon cutting and onto future expansion. The company that helped you with your business assessment, site assessments, facility master plan and forward-looking financial assessment will also source your materials, budget your build and execute all aspects of your project.

That’s an advantage because complete information means material sourcing and building decisions fall in line with your big goals. So much of construction revolves around every piece of work aligning with your big goals. When everything lines up right, you meet all project needs and save time and money because work gets done right the first time. Design-Build’s project continuity was one reason we were able to save the USPS $2.1 million in this project in Great Neck, NY.

Design-Build saves costs by providing maximum flexibility 

Throughout the Great Neck, NY USPS build, much like any build, we encountered challenges and changes. But the single point responsibility afforded by Design-Build increased our flexibility and project speed. Having one manager run the project kept lines of communication open at all times, meaning all team members always knew what to execute and could build at full efficiency.

With one company managing design and construction, you and everyone else know where the buck stops. That simple knowledge keeps projects accountable, flexible and always moving forward. For owners, that translates to rapid project delivery and savings. As an example of this in action, having a high level of flexibility and great project communication helped us complete a medical clinic at Fort Lewis $55,000 under budget.


Design-Build brings quality control and safety under the same roof, saving costs over your facility’s life cycle

For every Design-Build project, we institute quality control and project safety at every stage of the build. Because one builder holds responsibility for every detail, Design-Build improves quality control and project safety. Different subcontractors have varying safety and quality control procedures, but when everyone works for one builder, everyone has a clear set of standards and procedures to follow. With everyone on the same page internally, quality control and safety measures keep projects running smoothly. That means no second-guessing, better reporting and better safety. The coordination of quality control and project safety has helped us save money for the USPS and many owners. And Design-Build could mean fewer unexpected costs and a better value for you.

Design-Build in manufacturing and distribution

Measure twice, cut once, build smart. Getting it right the first time saves more time and money than most any new gadget or technology. We believe factories and distribution center projects should incorporate four basic Design-Build principles: flawless project communication, scalability, integrated services and a penchant for picking the best tool for the job. Click below and download our free distribution center construction guide to see how your builder should put these principles to use.


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