Does your distribution center and warehouse builder have a focus on integrated services?

It takes hundreds of people working as one to bring a distribution center build or warehouse construction project to successful completion. Because of this, a Design-Build construction company has to make sure all of the pieces of their “machine” are working together and running smoothly. This is referred to as integrated service methodology, and it’s something that should not only be in place, but it should be shared with you, the client.

Integrated service methodology is a vital process because it creates a team of core players for you, the Owner, to work with. From the warehouse builder’s end, each project should receive a total commitment to your needs – all the way through the post-construction phase. A continuous sharing of information not only generates useful ideas but is vital to keeping your project running on-time and within budget.

During your warehouse building process, complications and difficulties sometimes arise. To account for such, your builder should have time-tested and standardized project management systems. They should include project scheduling, purchasing, working estimates and forecasting programs. They should also include submittal and document control. This is something worth inquiring about with your warehouse builder early on in a construction project.

As distribution center, manufacturing facility and warehouse builders ourselves, decades of experience have taught us that costly delays are often the result of faulty procedures and the lack of thorough checks and balances.

The above is an excerpt from a white paper we recently published titled “How to hire a manufacturing or distribution center facility builder”. Download the full guide here.

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