Do you need emergency roof repair or emergency construction services?

We’ve always said, disaster for a distribution facilities manager is nothing more than a bad storm away. Sometimes that storm leaves nothing more than a pin-hole leak. But at other times, it might take the roof from right above your head. Either way, the damage that can be done is scary to say the least.

That’s why it’s essential to have an emergency construction service company that’s well-versed in emergency roof repair. We’ve dealt with all sides of the spectrum and have had entire roof collapses addressed in a mere matter of hours. Just ask the folks at Nabisco in St. Elmo. We had them back in business in no time at all.

Emergency roof repair starts immediately after a storm

As soon as the storm has passed, and it’s safe to step outside, you’ll want to have a look at your roof. While some of the following might seem obvious, all are equally important in assessing how your building stood up to the storm.

Tears, abrasions and abnormalities

The first thing on your industrial roof you’ll want to look for are any tears, abrasions or abnormalities on the roof itself. These can be big. These can be small. Remember, water doesn’t need a bucket-sized hole to get into a facility and wreak havoc. So look carefully for even the slightest abrasion as you assess your roof.

Is the attic dry?

If your facility has an attic, is it dry? If it doesn’t have an attic, is the facility floor dry? This is an easy assessment to make after a big storm rumbles through.

Listen for rattles or noises that are different

Sometimes all that looks well isn’t indeed well. And this is particularly true with a roof. But don’t worry – your sense of hearing can make all the difference in the world. Listen throughout the day to note any changes in sound in your facility. Sometimes rooftop components become ajar and change with the wind. Believe it or not, your ears can be your best friend when assessing storm damage.

We once had a call for a roof repair after heavy straight-line winds created an 80′ roof bubble. Within hours of getting the call from the distribution center facility manager, we were back on the ground safely, having walked pavers into the bubble until we had it under control.

Do you have a new rooftop swimming pool?

Because you need to clean your gutter system ASAP if so. Often, after a large storm, heavy debris is blown onto the roof and eventually clogs the drainage system. This clogging leads to standing water. And standing water, on a large flat roof, adds a heavy load to the facility. While a rooftop swimming pool might sound nice, trust us – you don’t want one lofted above your distribution center floor.

Rooftop units still working well?

Check all rooftop units to make sure connections are still tight and that they are all in good working order. It’s very common for roof-based HVAC and ventilation systems to suffer damage from a passing storm.

Give the building a good once over

It’s very important to look at more than just your roof for total roof repair. Guttering and water drainage systems should be of particular interest. As we mentioned earlier, poor drainage down below can lead to big problems up above. Make sure you assess the overall health of your building after a big weather event.

Don’t hire a rookie when it comes to fixing your roof

Considering it’s one of the most important systems your building has, you must have access to a construction company that can handle emergency roof repair and emergency construction services. We’re proud to say that we’ve fixed several in our time as distribution facility construction specialists. There was the facility in North Carolina that we helped get through a hurricane, as well as the Fort Meyer Florida facility we helped do the same.

At The Korte Company, we’re there when you need us. And we design and construct to withstand the toughest of storms. To us, that’s building smart and we’ve been doing such since 1959.


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