Environmentally Friendly Materials Being Used to Build Whole Foods Market

The Korte Company has begun construction on a $2.9 million Whole Foods Market in Henderson, Nevada. Whole Foods is the world’s leading retailer of natural and organic foods. In keeping with Whole Foods’ philosophy, most of the materials being used for the 55,000 square foot building are environmentally friendly.

“The Korte Company is proud to assist Whole Foods and the community by using environmentally friendly materials and products to construct Henderson’s new Whole Foods Market,” said Greg Korte, president of Korte’s Las Vegas Division. “Working with a company like Whole Foods Market gives us an opportunity to showcase our abilities and transform a typically mundane building structure into something very architectural.”

The Korte Company has a history of constructing high profile grocery stores. Korte has completed multiple projects for Schnucks and Super Valu grocery chains in the Midwest.

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