First African Methodist Episcopal Church Selects Korte

The Korte Company and JVC Architects have been selected as the Design-Build team for the First African Methodist Episcopal Church in North Las Vegas, Nevada. The single-story church is scheduled to begin construction in the spring of 2007. Currently, The Korte Company/JVC Architects are contracted to design and build the first of three phases of the project.

The single-story facility, when completed, will measure approximately 7,800 square feet with a total seating capacity for 400 people, including a 75-person choir. Other areas of interest include an altar platform and additional administrative office spaces. The contract also calls for off-site as well as on-site improvements including a new parking area for 150 cars and new landscaping to be installed with the new building, around the site perimeter, and throughout the courtyard.

Greg Korte, president of The Korte Company’s Las Vegas division added, “We have been given this opportunity to work with JVC Architects, who we have worked with on numerous ecclesiastical projects in the past and we look forward to another successful completion.”

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