Healthcare Architect: Factors That Influence the Location of a New Healthcare Clinic


Many different factors influence the location of a new healthcare clinic, of which the patient’s considerations are the most important. Whenever a patient has to choose which healthcare service to visit, he or she considers a myriad of things before making a final decision. Most patients first consider the ease of access to the healthcare facility as well as site convenience, while visual design and connections to the community are important considerations as well.

Ease Of Access

Healthcare architects and designers look at a variety of ways to ensure that any new healthcare facility offers an ease of access. They consider the following: expected patient population, travel options, the needs of staff members, operation hours, and parking requirements on-site. The new facility’s suburban, rural, or urban setting plays a huge role as well, especially when it comes to the site analysis.


The factor of convenience is one that is high on the priority list of any healthcare architect or designer. Most primary healthcare facilities have to be located on sites that offer convenience to all patients. These sites usually include shopping centers, restaurants, strip malls, office buildings, or community crossroads.

Visual Design

Various factors contribute to the visibility of a healthcare facility, and an architect must take them all into consideration. They include the architecture itself, landscaping, branding, and lighting.

Community Connections

Healthcare facilities often connect to their immediate communities in order to heighten the awareness of their services and location. They commonly use certain strategies to achieve this, such as providing community spaces and engaging stakeholders from the community to engage in the planning process. Healthcare centers also often incorporate a wellness center and even integrate the regional architecture.

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