Anthony Walker: Here’s how to navigate today’s healthcare construction challenges

In case you hadn’t heard, it’s tough out there.

Many of the challenges facing construction projects in the healthcare industry are the same issues affecting the broader economy: rising costs, labor shortages and supply chain disruptions.

In an op/ed in Medical Construction & Design, Anthony Walker, our Healthcare Director, explains these challenges in detail and shares what healthcare providers and builders can do to resolve them.

Lobby and waiting area of a new clinic.

Here’s a short summary:

Macroeconomic instability: Supply chains are fractured and logistics networks cannot keep pace with demand. Improved teamwork and collaboration among owners, contractors and subs is needed.

Budgets & timelines: Macroeconomic challenges that the entire economy is facing have caused construction budgets to inflate and timelines to drag on longer and longer. Counter the trend by digging into the details early and planning far, far ahead.

Stockpiling supplies: Builders need to get their hands on as much supply as they can as soon as they can to keep timelines and budgets under control. But that means owners must be ready to turn their properties into warehouses and staging yards.

Construction labor: It’s a worker’s market. Turnover is high across the board. Throwing money at the problem hasn’t helped. The only solution we see is long-term: Get trades education back into more schools to resupply the labor pool.

Read Anthony’s full article here.

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