Hospital Construction: what’s after the ribbon cutting?

After you’ve cut the ribbons, opened the doors and seen your first patient, your hospital still has construction-related work. You’ll probably have construction-related questions as well. At The Korte Company, we have a post-construction process, and we’ll take you through it in this article.

Executing the initial handoff

In the last phase of a hospital construction project, we give you everything an administrator needs to get up to speed on managing a new healthcare facility. Our team provides the final, as-built drawings and detailed operations manuals so you can easily make sense of your building’s layout and technical systems. We then take you and your team through in-depth training on the proper and safe use of the building and equipment in the building.

Eventually, we do an 11-month checkup to make sure all systems are running smoothly. But our work doesn’t end there. A good hospital contractor will help you with the paperwork.

Continued Support and Operations

We don’t just hand you the ball and walk away while you get hammered by a swarm of patients, paperwork and facility operations. That’s not our style. We know our continued support is not just appreciated, but many times is necessary for the continued functionality of any given facility.

After the move-in, you’ll have to consider a slew of items. We assist our clients in legal documentation, accreditation, licenses, surveys, and other records. These bundles of paperwork may be headed your way in the not-too-distant future.

Records and government compliance

State and independent regulatory agencies require hospitals to maintain and update Master Life and Safety documentation. As the builder of record, we assist administrators directly with updating these vital documents. We work with hospitals to update their records on usable square footage, statement of conditions for environment of care and other documents. We can also participate in state and CMS occupancy surveys and reviews.

In a nutshell, we take care of our clients and the facilities we build long after they’re built. After all, we’re just as proud of the project as you are. Many of our partners require future additions to their healthcare facilities in order to continually meet the changing needs of their patients. They often turn to us for these additions.

Preparing for future expansion

Part of preparing for future expansion is updating area plans and master plans. A building’s needs change over time, and many of our partners eventually expand their facilities. That’s why both our land-survey and architectural teams follow up on plans requests. 

Anderson Hospital serves Southeastern Illinois as a prime example of a healthcare provider that keeps up with change. After waiting more than 50 years for their hospital, the folks of Southeastern Illinois are dedicated to keeping it modern. The Korte Company has built a number of care centers and additions for Anderson Hospital dating back to 1992 and as recently as 2011.

Some of our work for Anderson Hospital includes a new Oncology Institute and Cancer Care Center, a specialty Pavilion for Women and a Physician’s Office Building. To learn more about all the phases of hospital construction, click below and download our Anderson Hospital case study.

Or, to learn how to manage a hospital construction project from start to finish, click below and download our hospital construction guide.


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