Important Considerations of Financial Institution Construction


Before construction or any type of renovation on most financial institutions, such as banks, can start, a variety of considerations need priority attention from the planning and design company.

Layout Considerations

The layout of the new bank is of the utmost importance and the designers need to put efficiency of the layout as a top priority. The new layout needs to allow more than enough working space for employees, which would include ample offices and boardrooms as a number one concern.

Planning the tellers-area is also of great importance because this is where the needs of the bank’s clients will be addressed on a daily basis. The available space and the efficiency of the layout in the teller-area are especially important and should allow for easy clientele access.

Depending on the requirements of the specific bank, there must be extra areas that need careful consideration in the planning and design as well, such as the zone that meets the online banking needs of clients. Here there will be a requirement for computer stations where clients can sit down in privacy and do their online banking. Some banks will also want a region where clients can relax and enjoy coffee while waiting for their appointment.

The Final Look

The design phase needs to take into account the final look and specific architectural requirements of the bank as well. When considering the end result of a new bank, the design team has to consider the future of the bank and ensure that the design allows for the possibility of future renovations.

Safety Considerations

This is another vital consideration that any bank needs to incorporate into its overall design. A very efficient security system and other safety features need to be part of the final layout and design to guarantee the safety of clients and employees, as well as the bank’s property.

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