The Korte Company achieves ISNetworld certification

At the Korte Company, we’re about quality and building smart. We put craftsmanship into everything we do – including the paperwork.

That’s why we committed ourselves to achieving ISNetworld certification. ISN is a quality assurance organization that standardizes project and safety reports for contractors and helps hiring clients manage construction projects. The ISN collects health, safety, procurement, quality and regulatory information to meet governmental recordkeeping and owner client requirements.

As an ISN member contractor, we submit our certificates of insurance and our data on safety, training, project completion and sustainability to the ISN online database, ISNetworld. Then, the ISN has its Review and Verification Services (RAVS) team verify our reports and data for accuracy, timeliness and relevance.

Their RAVS team consists of experts who have backgrounds in a range of fields and can quickly and accurately evaluate reports. Our ISN membership gives you a highly rigorous and trustworthy standard for measuring our project delivery and safety performance.

The end result? We save you time and money in your hiring process because we’re committed to a safe and efficient process that complies with government regulation.


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