The Korte Company is Awarded $36.1 Million Contract at Whidbey Island, WA

Design-Build military construction for the US Navy

The Korte Company has recently been awarded a $36.1 million contract for the design and construction of the P-8A Multi-Missioned Aircraft Training Facility at Naval Air Station Whidbey Island in the state of Washington.

The 101,000 square foot facility is designed to house 19 Flight Simulators, which re-create aircraft flight in virtually any environment and situation. There are a multitude of applications for use, which range from pilot training to analyzing aircraft reaction to external and environmental factors.

Eight of the simulators will be Operational Flight Trainers (OFT). This type of simulator is a full-motion reproduction of the aircraft cockpit and replicates the visual out-of-window display and cockpit noises. It simulates the systems, equipment features, and performance characteristics for pilot training.

Seven of the simulators will be Weapons Tactics Trainers (WTT), which can be configured as stand-alone trainers for weapons and sensor employment, and communications training. When used together, the OFT and WTT form a weapons systems trainer for full aircrew mission training.

An additional Part Task Trainer (PTT) simulator will be used for individual or sub-team learning, practice, and refresher training. The facility also includes a Special Access Program (SAPF) with one WTT, one PTT and one Cockpit Trainer (CPT).

The two-story facility is scheduled to have construction begin this November and when completed in early 2016, will achieve LEED Silver Certification per USGBC Standards.


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