Senior Living Center: Breaking Ground in Dimmitt, Texas

The Korte Company, along with the Castro County Hospital District, broke ground in Dimmitt, Texas to celebrate the construction of a new senior living facility.

The approximately 47,000-square-foot facility will feature six assisted living rooms for independent living as well as 54 long-term care rooms. The long-term facility will include 14 semiprivate rooms and 24 private rooms. Additionally, there will be a designated chapel, community room and activity room. Residents will also be able to utilize the facility’s rehab area and wellness center. Another feature includes a dining room, which is also open to the public, allowing residents to interact with the community.

The new long-term care and assisted living facility will provide its residents with many life-enriching activities including physical therapy, art classes, day trips and book clubs to name a few.

According to Chairman of the Board of Directors Henry Ramaekers, “We feel that we are going to have a state-of-the-art facility, and that it fits our mission statement of providing high-quality, ethical, and cost-effective medical services for our county.” He added, “We feel that we will be fulfilling a need for the elderly of our county, and we are proud of that.”

When completed in December 2018, the facility is expected to provide additional employment opportunities, with an estimated 40 full-time positions. It will also provide the opportunity for senior residents to remain near family and friends while receiving the highest standard of care.

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