The Korte Company is Constructing New Addition at Fayette County Hospital

As part of its overall master plan for Fayette County Hospital, The Korte Company is excited to be selected as the Design/Builder for a new 11,655-square-foot lab and admitting addition to the hospital in Vandalia, Illinois. The project is comprised of a new entrance canopy, main lobby, gift shop, conference room, admitting, and registration spaces. These spaces are designed to improve public and patient access to the hospital.

The entrance canopy will allow patients and visitors direct access to the new main lobby and waiting spaces while being protected from the weather. This new lobby will receive natural light from the elevated clerestory roof. Adjacent to the main lobby is the new reception desk and private admitting spaces. These easy-to-find spaces will vastly improve access to the hospital for the people of Fayette County.

The addition also provides a new visitor elevator conveniently located adjacent to the lobby space. This feature is designed to simplify way finding for visitors and patients to both the inpatient and outpatient services provided on the 2nd and 3rd floors of the existing hospital.

On the clinical side, this project will also provide a new laboratory for the hospital. This area will include both lab-testing space and new private draw and specimen collection spaces designed to meet modern healthcare requirements. These spaces will improve patient access and convenience while also improving patient privacy. Within the existing emergency department, the project will renovate several spaces including a major treatment room and the nursing station to increase staff productivity as well as provide improved patient monitoring. Further this project will include a new and more convenient truck dock and canopy for mobile technologies. This canopy will allow patients to access these vital mobile diagnostic features while remaining sheltered from the weather.

Overall, this hospital addition supports and improves the level of care that Fayette County Hospital is able to provide the people of Fayette County.

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