The Korte Company Partners With Midwest RTK Networks

The Korte Company recently became a partner in the Midwest RTK Networks with the installation of a Continuously Operating Reference Station (CORS). The networks incorporate Virtual Reference Station (VRS) technology and will include the largest cities in Missouri, Kansas, Nebraska, Wisconsin, Indiana and southern Illinois. The Saint Louis RTK Network covers approximately 3,500 square miles, including eight Missouri and Illinois counties that comprise the St. Louis metropolitan area. VRS technology enables survey measurements on any jobsite within the St. Louis Metro area with sub-centimeter accuracy. It also eliminates the need for crews to set up and secure a local base near the site and can be operated by a single technician with a cell phone and rover. This will not only provide state-of-the-art survey technology for The Korte Company, but has also provided expanded network coverage for other GPS users in the St. Louis area.

According to Mark Grinter, Professional Land Surveyor at The Korte Company, “This system provides our survey crews instant access to the most accurate data available. The system allows us substantial savings in time and personnel needed to accurately map a site and provide positioning control for construction”.

“This is just another step we’ve taken in utilizing the technologies available to ensure we’re delivering the best end product to our clients,” added Todd Korte, president and CEO of The Korte Company.

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